History of Rundi Language Hub

Rundi Language Hub is a multi-lingual Language Service Provider based in Bujumbura, the economic capital city of Burundi. It was co-founded by three talented linguists so angry to see how the language service providing in the East African country had been messy and unsurprisingly ineffective. Anyone could call themselves “a translator or an interpreter” in theContinue reading “History of Rundi Language Hub”

Rundi Language Hub, one of the first Burundian translation companies on the web

Ladies and gentlemen, my team and I are thrilled to introduce you to Rundi Language Hub. The Hub is not new, nor its work less well known. A few partners have testified so far, and we will share what they honestly had to say. But what’s on the earth is new in the game? WhereContinue reading “Rundi Language Hub, one of the first Burundian translation companies on the web”

Meet Cédrick Irakoze

SHORT PROFILE Graduated from the University of Burundi in English Department (First Class Honours). He is a YALI (Young African Leaders Initiative) fellow and Associate Ambassador at ISERH (Initiative for Sound Education, Relationship & Health). He has a good record in language research (more interested in Bantu languages) as well as translation and interpretation forContinue reading “Meet Cédrick Irakoze”

Rundi Language Hub on International Translation Day.

September 30, 2020, was celebrated as this year’s International Translational Day. This time, however, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, almost every business has shut its doors or adapted its business model. At Rundi Language Hub, we also had to redefine our ways of working. We moved from normal offices to home-based offices and delivered ourContinue reading “Rundi Language Hub on International Translation Day.”

Cedrick’s business experience from the COVID-19 pandemic time

The pandemic period has never been a joking experience for me, but it has surely been a time of personal growth. I was running Rundi Language Hub, a language business where we do translation and interpreting. As may other businesses in the early stages, this global health issue has hit us hard. Seeing how theContinue reading “Cedrick’s business experience from the COVID-19 pandemic time”