History of Rundi Language Hub

Rundi Language Hub is a multi-lingual Language Service Provider based in Bujumbura, the economic capital city of Burundi. It was co-founded by three talented linguists so angry to see how the language service providing in the East African country had been messy and unsurprisingly ineffective. Anyone could call themselves “a translator or an interpreter” in the city.

Some would go far and claim, “I am a bilingual/multilingual, therefore a qualified translator”. Hermenegilde Ntakarutimana, Pascasie Nicayenzi, and Cédrick Irakoze have never bought into such a ‘street paradigm’ used by some non-linguists to justify their unprofessional standards.

The three were fed up with the disorganized kind of ‘language market’. Having all interacted with other cultures and languages, having been formally trained in linguistics, having grown an interest in translation and interpretation, and especially having practiced the language work less formally in a set of situations, they decided to act and found Rundi Language Hub.

Rundi Language Hub was acknowledged by the Burundian legislation on September 18, 2019, by the country’s Investment Promotion Agency (API). It was also granted both the Trade Register Number and Tax Identification Number by the country’s Revenue Authority (OBR) on September 24, 2019. Rundi Language Hub was then registered as a Private Company with the area of operation in Languages: Translation, Interpretation, and Language Teaching.

We are happy that the company has grown enough to contribute to the country’s GDP, but what we boast the most about is the way we have brought professionalism in our dear craft. We are always blown away by testimonies from our partners, not only praising our work quality, but also our honesty to deliver within reasonable deadlines. We have, so far, built bridges with individuals and corporates from Christian ministry organizations, banking and finance institutions, trade operators, regular businesses, agro-businesses, Bible Schools, churches, and more.

One of the strongest strings that bind the team at Rundi is the way it was founded. The three co-founders were all not happy with the way translation and interpretation services were handled in Burundi. They were inspired by Christian values, mission, and vision they shared on how people can be honest, professional, and God-driven in businesses. They also dreamt to not just make money through their hustle, but also use it as a tool to make an impact in the community through charity and witness of Godly transformed lives.

Vision and Mission of Rundi Language Hub

RLH has a broad vision in the world of language services in Burundi. We look forward to creating a language service delivering a space that is professional, principled, honest, organized, and united.

We also thrive to bring technology to the cabins and desks of interpreters and translators in Burundi. To some, it’s a myth, an unattainable crazy dream. However, we tasted from the cup, we sipped through it, we know how not only feasible and practical it is, but also enjoyable and interesting from the behind-the-scenes point of view.

Rundi Language Hub sees the use of technology so capital to this career success in our modern era. We collaborate and deal with partners and clients from all over the world. CATs, MT tools, Corpuses, and many other of the likes make our translators’ lives easy. We love it. We aim to bring this to a whole new and higher level.

Finally, how safe is the partner after handing a task to a project manager? How confident are they in the quality of the service to be delivered? How clean is the task and how protected are the data and information not intended for the public stored in servers of a Language Service Provider? We kicked the project with a number of flaws that we are happy to have eliminated one after another. We can’t wait to see you witness this, first-hand. Welcome to our broad family of partners and supporters.

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