Yay, it’s November. Hugs (virtual 🤗) from RLH!

Already November? How time flies so fast!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, Rundi Language Hub is so proud to see how far we have come this year and where we are today. We have met new people, signed new contacts, renewed existing ones, made resolutions to add more team members to help us achieve our mission, but most importantly, served communities and partners.

The work we have been doing, however, is not a mere business. It has shifted from making dimes to feed our bank accounts, to bringing meaning in people’s lives through our language work. We have impacted lives through our mission to also serve God with a part of what we make. We have also been lawfully paying tax to the governmental authority in charge of public revenues (OBR). There’s no better feeling than seeing a country built or any public kind of infrastructure put in place with a cent from the money one’s business contributed.

Unlike the previous year, 2021 has been a year of professional milestones. we moved from translating ’many’ small tasks to big projects. We started our language work on books. Yeah, you read it right. Even series of books from and into English. It’s exciting. We have, however, not stopped working on small tasks because we equally value those partners.

We are so much grateful to those who entrusted with bigger and more technical tasks. Maybe they watched us sharpen our saws and deliver high quality work. We will definitely hear from them as well. We dedicate much attention to feedback and it has paid so far.

We are looking forward to sharing a series of blogs that talk about our detailed journey all along this year. We will dedicate each blog to each of our valued partners and share experiences we had working on their tasks (of course not revealing any private information related to the contents of the tasks according to our terms and conditions).

I can’t wait to see Pascie and Hermes share their memorable moments all along 2021. Even our external linguists will speak their thoughts out. We really have a lot to share in a few coming weeks.

Believe me, a number of projects yielded a lot of fun and great experiences. Let’s be honest. We have been challenged, we have made mistakes, we have learnt from them, we have made new commitments, we have gotten to a new level in the game, not just as a local translation house, but an international Language Service Provider (LSP) based in Burundi. Are you not curious? I am sure 2022 will be more interesting.

Thanks for trusting Rundi Language Hub and making us feel that our skills can contribute in a way or another to your business or Non-profit work. We look forward to seeing your next emails, your next calls. Welcome… Kaze!!! 



Published by CĂ©drick Irakoze

CĂ©drick Irakoze is a co-founder, senior linguist, and COO at Rundi Language Hub.

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