Meet Cédrick Irakoze


Graduated from the University of Burundi in English Department (First Class Honours). He is a YALI (Young African Leaders Initiative) fellow and Associate Ambassador at ISERH (Initiative for Sound Education, Relationship & Health).

He has a good record in language research (more interested in Bantu languages) as well as translation and interpretation for both normal and crisis (humanitarian) situations. He has been a Crisis Response/ Community & Recruitment Intern at Translators without Borders more active in a broader linguistic community for recruiting and attending to language professionals from around the world.

Developed translation/ interpretation, Language Teaching and writing skills as a freelancer, volunteer, intern and member of staff, a proven public speaker through speaking in regional conferences. An investigative journalism experience earned through fact-checking and bilingual copy-editing at Code for Africa’s PesaCheck.

A Writing career awarded a “Certificate of Merit” in 2018 by the University of Burundi for the novella published in 2017 in Germany. Awarded by TWB (Translators without Borders) as a Dedicated Translator in September 2018 for the tasks on Educational materials for Burundian refugees and on the outbreak of Ebola in DRC, a project with WHO (World Health Organization).

Another translator acknowledgement is the Honourable Mention by TWB, Access to Knowledge Award 2019: Empowerment Award issued April 2019 to his Rundi translators’ team. Developed an ESL instructor profile from the received education (TESOL) and an unparalleled experience at EACH (East African Candle of Hope) from 2014 as an EFL instructor of Adults and Professionals in diverse domains.

A co-founder and COO of Rundi Language Hub founded in 2019, one of the leading language centers in Burundi. He is now a Fact-checker and Bilingual (French&English) Copy Editor at PesaCheck, a project for Code for Africa.


With an experience in education, health, and legal translation, the following are some of the big projects that Cédrick Irakoze worked on:

•             Educational Materials for iACT with Translators without Borders

•             Health and Ebola-related Manuals for the World Health Organization

•             Child Right Modules for iACT on Physical Education and Mental Wellness

•             Culinary & Business manuals for Striker Translations

•             Immigration law-related documents for Daily Translate

•             Contracts with Mid Localize

•             Shammah Temple Church Services (Cabin-based Simultaneous Interpreting)

•             Transcription of Microfinance-Related interviews for Hope International

•             Students For Liberty Regional Conference on Free Market Interpreting (Live Consecutive Interpreting)

•             Shammah Temple Sunday School Teachers Training Interpreting (Live Simultaneous Interpreting)

•             Microfinance and banking-related documents for Turame Community Finance

•             Business contracts and statuses for Dukorane Transports

•             General and Science-related translation, revision, and transcription tasks for Excellente Services Pvt. Ltd.

•             SPLS websites and social media literacy flyers for Translations USA

•             Religion in the time of coronavirus documents for iACT

•             Coronavirus-related documents for War Child-Netherlands

•             Wheelchair training documents for Free Wheelchair Mission

•             Safeguarding violations related documents for The International Rescue Committee-Global

•             Interface translation for Bibliothèque Sans Frontières

•             Health Information for Refugees for USAHello

  • Veterinary Medicine-related documents for SOBUPRODIA
  • Phytosanitary products for SOBUPRODIA
  • Internal Regulations for Turame Microfinance
  • COVID-19 related posters for the East African Association of Translators and Interpreters
  • Anti-Money Laundering and Know your Customer Policy for Turame Microfinance
  • Group Loan Client Monitoring for Turame Community Finance
  • Contracts and Legal correspondences for On call Europa Language Services
  • Work on Covid-19 Awareness for East Africa Interpreters and Translators

Published by Cédrick Irakoze

Cédrick Irakoze is a co-founder, senior linguist, and COO at Rundi Language Hub.

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  1. I see you already have a very good reputation .I have nothing to advise you but to continue to surpass yourself again and agian until you are tested to the contrary .your future will be better than you imagine


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