Rundi Language Hub on International Translation Day.

September 30, 2020, was celebrated as this year’s International Translational Day. This time, however, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, almost every business has shut its doors or adapted its business model. At Rundi Language Hub, we also had to redefine our ways of working.

We moved from normal offices to home-based offices and delivered our services in brand new ways, especially modeling our communications in a way where online calling apps became part of what we do day in day out. We had most of our business meetings online and met very rarely on special occasions with team members and partners.

We also learned a lot and had some business experience from the COVID-19 pandemic time, something we are proud of. Partner organizations have also adapted to our new partnership and we have come to understand that it’s even possible to do what one has never done before. Who hasn’t changed how they do what they do?

The International Translation Day was launched in 1953, and today linguists like translators, terminologists, and interpreters celebrate on September 30 like each year. Languages have been given a pivotal place by the United Nations.

Why September 30?

Fun fact: September 30 was chosen as International Translation Day because it’s a celebration of St. Jerome, who died near Bethlehem on 30 September 420. He is also famously known as a Bible translator who is considered the patron saint of translators.

In short, Rundi Language Hub wishes you a very good day. Our gratitude goes to our colleague linguists, translators, bilingual and multilingual editors, and interpreters. Your job shapes the world we can blindly see. You are the carrefour of professions: You work with physicians, biologists, medics, academics, business people, religions, veterinarians, architects, painters, bankers, gamblers, sportspeople, warriors, humanitarians, and more. We are so proud of what you do.

To our customers and partners, we cannot do what we do without you. We are because you are. Thanks for choosing RLH in your circles. We can’t wait to work with you again soon. Let’s keep on doing what we do together and maybe more.

We are so proud to launch this site today, on this year’s International Translation Day.

Published by Cédrick Irakoze

Cédrick Irakoze is a co-founder, senior linguist, and COO at Rundi Language Hub.

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